More Than My Own Life

Frida Kahlo to Emmy Lou Packard
- October 24, 1940 -

Oh Captain, My Captain

New York Times (March 25, 1852)

Fall To The Floor

i dream of coming home
to you and silently, slowly
pulling down the straps
of your dress and
watching it fall to the floor


History Of Navigation Aboard The Normandie

(History of Navigation, 1934 by Jean Dupas)
(Detail at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC)
Jean Dupas's gilded-glass mural once adorned the first class salon of the Normandie. An art deco piece of the highest order, his History of Navigation was produced and installed in 1934 by Charles Champigneulle, and accompanied passengers on regular trips between New York and Le Havre, France between 1935 and 1939. The Normandie was seized in 1941 and stripped to be used for a supply transport in WWII when a fire of life preservers was sparked by an acetylene torch and the subsequent pumping of tons of water from New York harbor fire boats caused her to capsize. The panels of the mural had been removed before her sinking.

How To: Toggle Release Snare Trap

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