To Taste the River

to taste the river
you must get between her legs
and drink from her. cup your
hand firmly and draw her to
your mouth letting the sweetness
stain you.

to taste the river
you must press your body
firmly to her shore.
tread your fingers languidly
in her currents. the waters
split cleanly rushing down
all sides of you.

take up great handfuls of her
and let them slip from your grasp.

to taste the river
you must visit her on
foreign soil. see what sand
she touches. taste her there,
taste the endless salt from her
as much as any place from
which you drink her.

the river must swallow
you and accept you in her depths.
she must surround you, ask for
you, silently urge you this way
or that, and you must surrender
to her.

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