Artist: Mel Ramos

It's pop art for sure. Part honorarium to the commercial advertising landscape of the 60s and part parody of it. Sex sells stuff. And we like it when stuff sells... Cigarettes. Candy bars. Motor oil. Bananas. So why not sell it with pinups that resemble Hollywood starlets? Uma Thurman naked on a package of Lifesavers. Drew Barrymore waist deep in a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola. Nicolette Sheridan in a cobra for Corvette. But the pinups in old mechanics calendars were no-namers; it was nudity selling the products. What happens when the nudity has a name? Does it make the product a joke? Does it make more of a product of the nudity? What does Mel Ramos have to say? "I make sure [my pictures] are in good taste."

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