No Future No Hope

It's been nearly 10 years... We were young. We thought young. We loved young. We lived hard and rebellious and young. And we thought that was the end of it.

We all see it different now. Some of us from behind a desk. Some of us from a classroom. Some of us behind bars. But this is what we said when we thought the moment was all we had...

No Future. No Hope. (15 considerations)

1. eternity (the void). what there is. a meaningless ongoing state of always that renders everything, including existence, impermanent and insignificant. nothing matters but the continual sweep of days.

2. human beings can not live with meaning in such a state. there is no point or purpose to existence if our thoughts, actions and emotions have no importance beyond themselves.

3. we can not disturb the universe that continues on without us; we can only affect ourselves and each other.

4. if all that matters is that nothing does, if we can only affect that which has as little meaning as we do and if that effect, being that it exists between two equally meaningless and temporary points, is so also rendered meaningless, then the only way to live with meaning in the face of such a contradiction is to turn away from it. avoid the void and go on living as though it didn’t exist.

5. human beings are either blessed or burdened by their ability to be blinded by belief, depending on the person and the nature of their belief.

6. belief is the internal artform of creating myth for the purpose of personal survival in a universe which provides us with nothing but a very short period of time in which to either live or wait to die.

7. myths are what brings a believable sense of meaning to our lives. without them we fall victim to the void, deadened and defeated by the obstructing reality of our own end and the worthlessness which precedes it.

8. myths are made real through real experience, through personal interaction with the world as it presents itself to the individual and by the acceptance and internalization of the lessons that our lives provide us. it is reading between the lines of daily life until sense, if any, can be made of the meanings that underlie the moment.

9. if myths are the product of moments, and if every person exists in a series of moments that are completely their own insofar as they perceive themselves individuals by prejudice of past experiences, myths, if they contain actual and life-affirming meaning, must be made by each person for themselves. myths can not be made for the individual.

10. we live in a world that creates an almost all but unavoidable set of external and textual myths in order to sedate the individual and keep them involved and devoted to a cause that is not their own. we accept as such because it has become convenient to accept; little else is offered.

11. these external myths are inherently void of meaning, as they are not discovered by or for the individual, but rather they are weak rationalizations set in front of us to us keep us from seeking our own. they serve no other purpose outside of self-preservation for a system that can’t survive without its total acceptance by the larger majority.

12. in this sense, the world renders both itself and its people lost of meaning and without true inner purpose. such a world is fated to consume itself and all within it. such a world is deadening.

13. humanity can not exist within the truth of the universe which does not allow him to matter. humanity may have no meaning in a place that does not allow him to seek his own.

14. to make our own myths, as we must, we must first abandon and detach ourselves from the external myth and move on as though it never was. the only way out is in, and to turn inward we must also turn away to where the world is no longer the world, but instead something more like the way it feels when a reflection of love tells you that it is all in a world that isn’t.

15. salvation is personal. it is all that matters. all you need is a set of balls, a couple good friends, some sympathy, and a kiss. when it comes it should feel like the only thing that ever was.

(Written by Nicholas Gulig)

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  1. Anonymous1:22:00 PM

    Nick, I like it. And at the end of the day, you've still got to build that fence with your dad. :)



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